I T Cell
The I T Cell Zilla Parishad Solapur, was established on 27th July 2009. The main job of I T Cell is monitoring the Computerization of zilla Parishad, The I T Cell also functions in tandem with District NIC Office for updating the ZP website. The I T Cell works directly under the control and supervision of the Hon.Chief Executive Officer zilla parishad Solapur.
I T Cell Incharge

I T Cell Assistant

S.S.Kalshetti (M.P.H.W) T.M.Raut (M.P.H.W)
Email-zpsolapur[at]gmail[dot]com Email-zpsolapur[at]gmail[dot]com
Project - Details
Project-1 Website for zilla parishad Complete
Project-2 LMS - Letter Monitoring system - Implimentation at Zilla Parishad Solapur Complete
Project-3 ANC Tracking System - Installation & implimentation of Softwere Complete
Project-4 Prepared OPD softwere for Primary Health centre Under Testing
Project-5 Prepared Medical Inventory softwere for Primary Health centre Complete
Project-6 Prepared e - complaint softwere for public Complete